Sunday, January 8, 2012


Section II of the Act to create James County identifies the boundries set by the Tennessee General Assembly on the 30 January 1871 as:

   Beginning at the corner of Bradley and Meigs county lines;
   thence running along and with said Meigs county line to the middle of the Tennessee River;
   thence down the middle of said river to the Dallas Island, leaving said Dallas Island in the new county;
   thence continuing down the middle of said river to a point opposite the mouth of the Harrison Spring Branch, where it enters into the said river below Harrison;
   from thence southeast of the residence of the late George House on the East Tennessee and Georgia railroad;
   thence south, southwest of the Georgia State, line at or near Blackwell's ford on Chickamauga Creek,
   thence with the Georgia State line to a point midway between Fayette Howard's residence in Bradley county and the Hamilton county lines;
   and thence northwest along Antioch Ridge across the old Alabama road to T.C. Johes',{sic} leaving the said Jones in the new county;
   thence to the gap of  Round Mountain;
   thence by Nathan Hinch's, leaving said Hinch in the new county;
   thence to the Hamilton county line at Johnson's Gap on White Oak Mountain;
   thence with the Bradley county line to the beginning

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