Sunday, April 22, 2012

None What So Ever!

Today, we are going to discuss the occupations of the residents of the village of  Ooltewah, James County, Tennesseee in April of 1880. This is the third installment of  the 1880 census of Ooltewah.
Even though this was the capital of James County, it must be remembered that this was still a remote area and had to be relatively self-sufficient.

 1     sheriff
 1     circuit court clerk
 1     county court clerk
 1     county superintendent of schools
 1     jailer
 1     land surveyor
 2     lawyers
 2     physicians
 1     hotel keeper
 1     telegraph operator
 3     retailers ( one of which is detailed as liquor)
 2     shoemakers
 2     blacksmiths
 1     mill wright
 4     keeping house
 1    laundress
 1     seamstress
 1     carpenter
11    farmers
18    railroad worker
 2     "lewdness" ( as discussed in a prior post here)
       various laborers and domestic servants and

Now, what in the heck is this all about!  
 Wilbert McCarron was the enumerator for district 61.  He obviously had some issues with some of the residents of Ooltewah.  Mr. McCarron was the superintendent of the schools. He was 39 years old living with his wife and one son.
 Elijah Clingham was a 37 year old male boarding at the hotel with several other working, single males. What was the relationship between these 2 men that brought about such an "ugly" response from the enumerator? Why was Elijah not working? Why did Wilbert care? There are not any reasons listed for his unemployment, such as a disease or physical inabilities.  How long had Elijah been out of work?  Mr. McCarron  leads one to believe that he had never worked and had been a burden to the town of Ooltewah forever. I believe, I will have to do some research into this relationship and will let you know what I have discovered in a later post.