Monday, June 4, 2012

Feeder Schools

Below is a map of the feeder schools into Ooltewah High School. This map came from an Ooltewah High School Yearbook, "The Owl",  dated 1924. ( I understand that this is after the dissolution of James County in 1921, but I believe the map to still be relevant.) At the time, the high school would have been named James County High School.

This map has been hand drawn, and it may or may not be geographically correct,but it does give us the names of some of the grammar schools and their approximate location within the boundaries of James County and their relationship to Ooltewah High School. Savannah School was 13 miles from the high school. Howardville School and Prospect School were 9 miles, and West Point School was 8 miles away from the high school.

In 1910, the principal of James County High School, Mr.C.J. Doub, visited every elementary school in the county driving a horse and buggy because he was not the owner of the only automobile in James County.  The roads were not in good condition for the use of an automobile, anyways. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason that nobody had invested in the new mode of transportation. He tried to promote the attributes of a higher education to the young students of these schools.

There are a few other schools that are not on this map. They may had already dissolved  by 1921. We know of Fairview School that was located on current day Snow Hill Road.  Honestville School was located near the current day Hunter Road and Birchwood School was located, of course, in Birchwood. There may even be more grammar schools that we are unaware of at this time.

With bad roads and no good means of transportation, one can understand why a person's education would stop before the high school level. Mr Daub had quite an uphill battle to convince parents to allow their children to attend the high school.

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