Sunday, May 24, 2015

Remembering our Veterans

On this Memorial Day, I would like to take a few moments out from our holiday dinner with the family to remember the men and women who have made our American way of life what it is today.

I have chosen two young men from Ooltewah who fought in the Vietnam War: Billy R. Farrior and Billy L. Long. Remember these names, they gave their lives for you and ALL Americans.

Billy Randy Farrior

Billy was born to Jimmy and Lillie Mae Farrior on Jan. 24, 1951. He married and became a father at a very young age. He left for Vietnam in July of 1970, at 19 years of age, leaving behind a pregnant wife. His wife, Betty Jo gave birth 4 months later to his daughter, Audrey. In those days, there was not an internet, where he could have seen his daughter, while he was overseas. He never did get a chance to get to see or know his daughter.
Billy drove the heavy vehicles for the 444th Transportation Company, 8th Regiment, 27th Battalion, in the United States Army. A vehicle crash tragically took his life and his passenger's life on the day after Christmas in 1970 in Phu Yen, South Vietnam; just one month after the birth of his daughter, and just 6 months after arriving in Vietnam.
You can find his memorial on the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC under the name of
Billy R Farrior, located on Panel 5W and Row 8.

Freddie Leron Long

Freddie was born May 16, 1948 to a family with many brothers and sisters, some still living today. His parents raised very patriotic children since others served in the Armed Forces, as well. Freddie served in the United States Army as a rough terrain forklift and loader operator in the Special Four Unit, 87th Engineer Co., and the 198th Infantry Brigade.

He tragically lost his life at 22 years of age on the first of January, 1969 at Long Khanh, South Vietnam in a non-combative incident.

You can find his memorial on the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC under the name of
Freddie L Long, located on Panel 15W and Row 13.

Although I have only mentioned two servicemen here, there are so very many other heroes that have come from the James County and by this time, Hamilton County area that fought in the many wars the United States were involved in.

Do you have any memories of these young men that you would like to share?  Leave a comment at the end of this blog post as a memorial for all to see.